Clean One Residential FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

What Geographic areas do you cover?

Oxford and Brant counties

How does Clean One estimate the price for the cleaning of my home?

We will visit your home and make an on-site assessment to ensure we give you an accurate quote. Our team will estimate for cleaning of your home based on the following criteria.
• The size of your home
• The condition of your home
• The tasks to be performed

How do we pay for the cleaning?

When we arrive, we will pick up the cheque, leave the receipt, and start cleaning.

What time of day do you clean?

We usually start around 9 am.

Do you offer a one-time cleaning service on the weekend?

Rarely, most people would prefer to have their weekends to themselves.

Does Clean Team supply the cleaning supplies and equipment?

All cleaning supplies and equipment is supplied by Clean One.

How long has Clean One been in business?

Robert Alexander formed the company in August 1990.

Is Clean One a franchise?

No. The company is privately owned by Robert Alexander who resides in Ingersoll.

Is Clean One involved in the community?

Clean One belongs to the Chambers of Commerce in Woodstock, Brantford and Ingersoll. Robert is on the executive of the Ingersoll Nature Club and is an avid nature photographer.

Does Clean One carry liability insurance and WSIB?

Clean One has $5,000,000.00 of liability insurance and WSIB coverage.

My question isn’t here!

Call us at 1-519-425-9829 in Oxford County or 1-833-668-7795 in Brant County during business hours and ask any question you like.

Contact Information

Oxford County - 519-425-9829 - Toll free - 1-833-668-7795
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