Clean One FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

What geographic areas do you cover?

Cleaning services for Woodstock, Ingersoll and Tillsonburg.

How does Clean One estimate the price for cleaning my premises?

We will visit your business and make an on-site assessment to ensure we give you an accurate quote, not a ballpark figure. Our team will estimate for cleaning your premises based on the following criteria…

  • The size of your premises
  • The condition of your premises
  • The number of offices or cubicles
  • The number of staff


Is there any extra charge for your first visit?

Our initial visit is very thorough, and how long it takes and what is involved depends very much on the condition of the premises when we arrive. If our first clean at your premises requires a substantial amount of extra work for our team to get the premises up to our high standards, there would be an extra charge. We will keep you notified of progress during the clean if you wish, but please be aware this may happen outside office hours.

Will we be charged by the month or by the visit?

If you require daily cleaning for five or six days every week, you will be billed a fixed monthly amount. If you require less than five cleanings a week, you will be billed by the visit.

How do we pay Clean One?

We invoice on a monthly basis by email. You then have the options of mailing a cheque or you can pay by electronic transfer of funds.

Will my price increase periodically?

There will be a nominal annual increase to cover increasing costs such as wages, equipment and fuel. We will always advise you in advance of any price increase.

Will you clean our premises at a certain time of day?

Yes, just tell us what you require to cause minimal disruption to your business. 

What if one of our cleaning dates falls on a statutory holiday?

We will contact you to arrange an alternate cleaning date.

We have an alarm code, how do you handle that?

Our cleaning staff are all security vetted and fully understand the need for security and confidentiality. Our customers issue us keys or swipe cards, and a security code for the alarm system.

How do I communicate to the cleaning team?

Just leave them a message. We normally provide a special note pad for you to leave notes for the cleaning team. You can call our office between 7am and 10pm.

Does Clean One supply the chemicals and equipment?

All cleaning chemicals and equipment are supplied by Clean One as part of the service. Paper products, garbage bags and hand soap are normally supplied by the customer, but if you prefer, we can provide these and invoice you accordingly.

How do you maintain your high quality of cleaning over time? Other cleaning companies often start great then the service tapers off…

At Clean One, we work constantly to maintain a high standard of cleaning that our customers can rely on week in, week out. We invest heavily in the quality of our staff, building their dedication and pride, and our extensive training program guarantees a high level of consistency and quality. We have many customers who have been with us for years, and who frequently refer us to other firms looking for reliable, experienced and professional commercial cleaners.

How long has Clean One been in business?

Company was formed in August of 1990.

Is Clean One a franchise?

No. The company is privately owned by Robert Alexander who resides in Ingersoll.

Is Clean One involved in the community?

Clean One belongs to the Chambers of Commerce in Woodstock, Ingersoll & Tillsonburg.  Robert is on the executive of the Ingersoll District Nature Club and avid photographer.

Does Clean One supply liability insurance and WSIB coverage?

Clean One has $5,000,000.00 of liability insurance and WSIB coverage.

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