Clean One Makes the Workplace Healthier

Clean One is a pioneer in the field of commercial green cleaning for one simple reason.  We care about the health of our clients and their customers.

As a result, we offer more than clean premises, we offer healthy premises.  Our environmentally friendly cleaning products work just as effectively as conventional chemical cleaners, and are made from natural ingredients, so they are non-toxic and are biodegradable too.

If any person working or visiting your premises suffers from allergies, asthma, or breathing problems, the chemicals used in conventional cleaning products could be a major problem for them.

As in any business, your staff is your prime resource and if they are sick, your productivity suffers.  If any of your staff become sick, other staff members have to pick up the extra work and the business as a whole suffers.  Fewer staff members could mean for extra wait times for your customers and they will take notice.

To discuss a healthy workplace, call Clean One.

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Dust in the workplace, It is a health hazard?
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