Dust in the workplace, It is a health hazard?

Dust in your office comes in two forms. Large dust particles tend to be trapped in the nose and mouth when you breathe them in and can be readily breathed out or swallowed harmlessly.

Small or fine dust particles are invisible. Fine dust particles are more likely to penetrate deeply into the lungs while ultrafine particles can be absorbed directly into the blood stream.

The type and size of a dust particle determines how toxic the dust is. However, the possible harm the dust may cause to your health is mostly determined by the amount of dust present in the air and how long you have been exposed to it.

Dust particles small enough to be inhaled may cause:
1. Irritation of the eyes
2. Coughing
3. Sneezing
4. Hayfever
5. Asthma attacks

For people with respiratory conditions like asthma, chronic obstructive airways disease (COAD) or emphysema, even small increases in dust concentration can make the symptoms worse.

At Clean One, we pride ourselves as a company who removes the maximum amount of dust particles from your office during every cleaning.
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