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As a medical professional, you rely on your premises being both hygienic and visually clean for the health and well being of your clients/patients and your staff. However, if you rent your practice space, or are part of a medical building used by others, you may have concerns over the level of cleaning, and the reliability and integrity of the cleaning team.

Equally, if you own or manage a medical building or clinical facility, you might be struggling to find a commercial cleaning company with sufficient expertise and experience to properly clean the variety of spaces in your building, from communal areas and offices to treatment rooms containing delicate and sensitive equipment.

Medical facilities cleaning by Clean One

Medical buildings cleaning services are very much a specialty here at Clean One, drawing on years of practical experience in cleaning multi-use, multi-occupancy clinical buildings in southern Ontario.

Our teams are fully trained in-house in the specific requirements of cleaning multi-clinic medical buildings, which include:
  • Discretion and security around confidential medical files
  • Care and attention when working around medical equipment
  • Security-conscious working practices in buildings housing drugs
  • Correct disposal of medical-grade waste such as sharps
  • Training in dealing with medical spillages and potentially infectious materials
  • Understanding of the legislative requirement for cleanliness and infection control
  • Complete floor to ceiling cleaning
  • Awareness of high and low level disinfection requirements
  • Skills to clean specific types of medical equipment if required
  • Efficient, effective cleaning of communal areas and receptions

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Expert service, honest and reliable team

At Clean One, we know all our cleaners, and most of them have worked for us for years. We train every single cleaner in-house and on the job, cleaning medical offices, so they have a full understanding of both the tasks involved and our requirements from them in terms of honesty, integrity and security. Our professional cleaners are all bonded in the amount of $5,000, and we carry $5,000,000 liability insurance and are covered by WSIB, to ensure your peace of mind.

PIDAC best practice for Environmental Services / Housekeeping

We adhere to the Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC) best practices for health care settings, which include:
  • Written procedures for cleaning and disinfection of client/patient rooms
  • Written procedures for cleaning and disinfection of equipment
  • Education of new cleaning staff
  • Continuing education of all cleaning staff
  • Ongoing review of procedures

We also have a working knowledge of the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and associated Regulations.

All staff have completed formal Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training.

Environmental Cleaning for medical grade facilities

Your clients rely on your expertise to treat them, and you rely on your commercial cleaning team to keep your clinic or rooms clean, fresh and sparkling. However, many commercial cleaning companies use chemical-based cleaning products, which can cause allergic reactions, breathing difficulties and other symptoms. Our all-natural products clean just as effectively as their chemical-based equivalents, and are better for the environment too. Call us for more details.

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