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Every part of your medical practice needs to be fresh and sparkling, to reassure your clients that they are in a clean and hygienic environment for their treatments or consultations.

In addition, treatment areas and high touch surfaces need to be properly cleaned to maintain correct levels of cleanliness, minimize the risk of contamination and to provide a medical-grade working environment for you and your staff.

Equally, any cleaning team must be aware of the need for discretion when dealing with files, and due care and attention when working around specialized (and expensive) equipment.

At Clean One, we specialize in the cleaning of medical offices, premises and buildings to exceptionally high standards. We hand-pick our cleaning teams for their attention to detail, their understanding of the need for scrupulous standards and their honesty, discretion and trustworthiness.

Choose from one of our three specialist medical cleaning service packages:

Medical cleaning services for Oxford County, Ontario

Our specialized medical cleaning teams are available in two main areas of operation: call us for more details or for a free on-site visit and quotation.

Oxford County 1-519-425-9829

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Oxford County 1-519-425-9829
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